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Pop Pixie - Episode 48 Airdate: March 16, 2011 During a lake trip, the Pixies are sucked into a vortex and taken to an underwater world, where the Mermaids are threatened by a fierce creature. Through all the stress, she accidentally gives the "Hercules Pie" to Rex, Floxy and Lenny. 47- "La sfida tra Caramel e Martino" The challenge between Caramel and Martino" / "A Competition between Caramel Martino Pop Pixie - Episode 47 Airdate

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: March 15, 2011 The twins Caramel and Martino argue to the point of going their separate ways, each trying. 19- "Un bisticcio tra Elfi" A quarrel between Elves" / "Lenny Yucca At War Airdate: February 3, 2011 Pop Pixie - Episode 19 At the beginning of the episode, Yucca was angry at Lenny because she thought that Lenny was no longer the Elf who. So Fixit thought about his newest invention: a indestructible toy. Chatta cannot stand him or his presence, so she asks her friends to help get rid of him. Airdate: February 8, 2011 Pop Pixie - Episode 22 A gang rages through Pixieville and steals the MagicPops. At the party, Arsenio arrived and introduced his future bride: Miss Gypsy Gipps. 8- "L'intervista del secolo" The interview of the century" / "The Big Interview. Airdate: January 21, 2011, pop Pixie - Episode 10, chatta and Amore have won a stay at the Pixie Plaza.

25- "Il talento di Martino" The talent of Martino" / "Martino's Special Talent Airdate: February 11, 2011 Pop Pixie - Episode 25 When Caramel get amnesia and the Molly Moo is left in the hands of her clumsy assistant, the Pixie friends try to help. Then she saw that "Gypsy Gipps" was really Maxine and the butlers were Rex, Floxy and Narcissa. When they ask for help from Tune, she asks them why won't they send Damien to a school (but they don't know what a school is). After they were saved, Lockette told her parents that she was just a employee at the Pixie Plaza and hasn't earned her MagicPop yet. Gli utenti hanno a disposizione uno spazio per compilare il proprio profilo personale, con delle foto, descrivendo se stessi sia fisicamente che intellettualmente, inserendo passioni, inclinazioni, abitudini, particolarità, ecc. They told her about their son (Damien) who bullies his friends and destroys all the devices in their house. But the Super Toy tried to run away, so Fixit blow him up with dynamite. At his home, Fixit decided to destroy his creation. Cherie thought that he came to beg for forgiveness, but then he told her that he was going to marry.

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At the end of the episode, it turned out that breaking-up Yucca and Lenny was a plan from Rex and Maxine. 46- "Vita da Cherie" Life by Cherie" / "Living Like Cherie Pop Pixie - Episode 46 Airdate: March 14, 2011 Rich and spoiled Cherie is forced to work at the Pixie Plaza's reception desk - while Lockette lives in the lap of luxury, with Lulù. The Super Toy tried to beat Fixit, but with the help of his MagicPops, Fixit destroyed the electronic brain of the robot. She explains that Amore became a PopPixie by shorting out love problems with her love potions, Caramel got her MagicPop thanks to her cakes along with making people happy and her brother Martino makes drinks and is fun with those around him. After this, Tune introduces the little Elf to the other pupils and told about the "Talent day" to use there talent wisely and earn their MagicPops.

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